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Below are a few litters Offered by Day Boston Terriers. Some of them are not our breeding however the parents are fostered to family friends who also breed only the very best in Boston's, or a stud service that we provided. Everything is the same for these litters as our own, other than that sometimes pickup is available in Merced. Please call with any questions about these litters or our own DBT up coming litters. Any litter listed below that has the name "Day" after the parents name belongs to us and is located here with us.

We are proud to bring you our ongoing love and dedication by providing the very best in The Boston Terrier. We are a collective group of two families who all strive to bring wonderful calm, intelligent and healthy pups. All of us are normal working families with children and other pets. We are not a kennel, nor a completive show breeder and lastly we are not a puppy mill. Just a great group of Boston Terrier enthusiasts that are completely gaga about them and want to share!

A healthy, well adjusted puppy is always our utmost priority and we take every step possible to ensure that. Yet,  no one can claim godly perfection, but we all can constantly work on improving what we do and how we do it. Certain times of year we allow our dogs to have pups and other times we take a break. If you want to be certain to get one of our babies, take a look at each up coming litter, take some notes and give us a call.

Our modern day Boston Terrier is an amazing result from over 27 years combined with 2 families dedicating their lives and homes.

 Please call 209 505 9373 for more info.

Three up-coming litters, Reserve yours now and receive a nice discount!

Please fill out the puppy application if your interested in adopting one of our current or future pups, or adults.

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Please give us a call after filling out an application!



Current Available Puppies


Please select a litter link to see new arrivals!

Bonnie's Litter Born 7/11/11 ~ Jenny's new litter Born 7/15/11! ~ Chubbys new litter Born 7/21/11 ~ Princess's Litter Born 9/06/11 ~ Mercedes Litter Born 9/28/11!



Paulie is a very sweet and athletic outgoing pup without being hyper.

Male Pup Available!
Click here to see Jenny's new litter Born 7/15/11!

From Lucy Day's Breeding Lines X Max Day's Breeding Lines


1 pup Available!
Click here to see Chubby's new litter Born 7/21/11!

From Amy, ButterFly's, Gabby - Alice Day's Breeding Lines X BamBam Day's Breeding Lines


2 True Blue Male Pups Available!
Click here to see Bonnie's new litter Born 7/11/11!

From Bonnie (Stud service) AND Bambam day.


2 True Blue Male Pups & 2 Black and White Females Available!
Click here to see Princess's new litter Born 9/01/11!

From Princess (Stud service) AND Bambam day.


3 male pups Available!
Click here to see Mercedes's Day new litter Born 9/28/11!

From Pebbles Day's Breeding Lines X BamBam Day's Breeding Lines


The following information is needed to help us place the right puppy in the best possible home.

If you wish to be placed on the priority waiting list and be guaranteed a puppy you place call us first and place a $100 deposit.  Please fill out the below information then give us a call.

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